Oakland California. On a night when the Tigers could have been eliminated from the 2012 playoffs, the Tigers turned to Justin Verlander, last year’s MVP and also Cy Young award winner. Verlander comes off a year where he had 15 wins and five losses. This year, Verlander proved why the Tigers have gone to him when they needed a win. Last night he was unbelievable. Justin was able to pitch a totally awesome game. The thing that makes Verlander so dangerous is when he catches fire like he did last night. He is awfully tough to get a read on, you never know how he is going to attack you. The A’s had no answers for Verlander. The next victims are yet to be decided! If Baltimore wins today in New York, then the Tigers will host Baltimore in the American League Championship series, but if the Yankees win, the Tigers will travel to Yankee Stadium in New York. The final score was 6-0.