Detroit, Michigan. After sweeping the Chicago White Sox, the Tigers couldn’t find their hitting shoes against the Cleveland Indians. The Indians defeated the Tigers with a score of 3-2. Meanwhile, no help from the Twins, as they were defeated by the White Sox with a final score of 4-2. The White Sox now reclaim first place in the Central Division and the Tigers fall behind by one and a half games. This doesn’t mean that the Tigers cannot win the last two games of the series against the Indians. It means that the Tigers will have to try harder on Tuesday. Just because the White Sox won doesn’t mean the Tigers are not a good team. Sometimes, one team has a better game than the other. The Tigers are still a great team. The end has yet to come, and the White Sox haven’t won the division yet. The Tigers still have a another chance to have a say, in their four game series in Chicago. So even if you are the White Sox, I wouldn’t get arrogant yet.