Ladies and gentlemen, here are Jeremiah’s slam dunks for the 2012-2013 NBA season. Here is what to watch for. First, let me give you my predictions on the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics. It’s anybody’s guess if the Heat will remain hot, or can anybody cool off the Heat? I think the hardest job is being defending champions, because everyone wants to take a shot at you. I think if the Heat remain healthy then it’s their title to lose, but if they get a lot of injuries it’s anybody’s title. I think in the West you have to look out for the L.A Lakers and also San Antonio. I think in the Central Division, it’s going to come down to the Pacers and the Bulls. A big key for the Pacers is team unity, how well they play as a unit, and I expect big things from number 50 Tyler Hansbrough. I think everybody is getting tired of L.B.J. I’m looking forward to seeing if Lebron James can handle being a champion, and can handle the pressure of having the ring on his finger. Lebron and Kobe make their debut tonight. Meanwhile, Tyler and the Pacers their make debut Wednesday the 31st.