Indianapolis IN. With the Colts going into Baltimore to face the Ravens on Sunday, I think Reggie Wayne is going to be a key aspect to the Colts. He has been in the playoffs before with Peyton, but now it’s win or go home. I expect Reggie Wayne to have a big game for Andrew. Andrew is going to have to watch out for Ray Lewis. I think Pat McAfee will be key also, he is going to have to be ready to pin the Ravens deep in their own territory. Whoever talks to Andrew better have his back on Sunday it’s going to have to be a whole team effort. The Colts can’t play for themselves, they have to play for the whole state of Indiana, and be sharp in all stages of the game. That means good tackling and having Andrew’s back. You never know what Andrew will be going through on Sunday. This is not Peyton Manning we are dealing with, this is Andrew!