Even though I wanted to be there and meet Tyler Trent in person, Saturday night’s Purdue – Ohio Stare game was special for this Lafayette, Indiana native. Hearing my colleague Tim Newton say “Touchdown Purdue” made me remember back to 2014, when I was at home watching the Spartans beat the Boilers 31-24, and how much fun Ross Aide Stadium really was for me. Also, it made me want to sing “Hail Purdue” and feel part of my hometown.

Tyler Trent is a 20 year old Sophomore at Purdue who is battling cancer, and the Boilers had time to honor him by going to Tyler’s home and praying with him about his fight to overcome cancer. They also gave him a game ball.

Kelly Kitchel, who happens to be a member of Purdue’s Easy Breezy team that went to the Rose Bowl in 2001, also happens to be one of my colleagues, and he did a great job describing the scene for those of us who weren’t there. Rob Blackman, who does the Boilermakers pre and postgame show, and works for BTN Saturday Night, and was a busy member of the media.

Ohio State was ranked number two in the country, and they got run over by a train by a final score of 49-20. Ohio State and Urban Meyer should be ashamed of the way they played football and the way they conducted themselves on the field at Ross Aide Stadium. Urban Meyer pushed Jeff Blohm’s hand away when they were trying to say “good game” after the game. Urban, I am watching you. You do not have any class, and you make me angry how you treat someone from middle America. This was a game that I will never forget listening to. Hearing the train blow its whistle, it felt like it was coming right through my room!