The Indiana Pacers had a twenty five point lead at halftime in the third game of their first round series against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday night on their home court, but somebody forgot to tell them there was another half to play, especially when you are up against LeBron James on the other team. The Cavaliers overcame that deficit to win 119 -114.

Paul George was putting on another Reggie Miller like performance by ending up with 36 points, 15 rebounds, and 9 assists, but Cleveland obviously wanted the game more then the Pacers did, who are now facing elimination in game four on Sunday afternoon in Indianapolis. Hall Of Fame Coach Bobby “Slick” Leonard showed his disappointment when he told Pacers play by play announcer Mark Boyle, “I don’t know what to say” after the Pacers five point loss to the Cavaliers.

Yes, I am not smiling this morning myself either because the Pacers did not do what I thought was going to happen, but there is at least one more game to play and one more chance for Coach Leonard to say “BOOM BABY”. I feel we can still win the series if we can get more contributions from the other players who are on the court with George. He just can’t keep doing it alone by himself.