Tonight, the Indiana Pacers look to prevent a magic show at Amway Arena in Orlando. The one thing that concerns the Pacers press going in to tonight’s matchup is how well are they going to react after having to battle Portland in a game that should have never gone to overtime, and in a game that Bobby Leonard should never have had to coach from the radio booth. How many coaches do the Pacers really need? Do the Pacers really need the old man coaching, or do they need him to be with MJB on the radio side of things? The last time I checked, Slick was hired to be with MJB on the radio side of things. President chirpy chirpy doesn’t sign checks to be coach. He gives coach Vogel the power to be coach. That’s why the Pacers are nearing 40 wins, and Larry’s doing just fine. Nothing for you to worry about, old man. I like you when you say “boom baby” and when you sing, not when you coach from the radio booth. I’m sorry, Bobby, I know you used to be coach of my favorite team, but you’re not coach of my favorite team any more. You are an announcer. You can continue to say “boom baby” and do your job with MJB, and not coach from the radio booth. As far as the Pacers play on the court, I like what I see and hear. When I listen and watch up close and personal, the Pacers look like the 2012 version of the Miami Heat. Keep up the good work, President Bird. I think Adam Silver has a date with Indy in June.