While 3-0 is only a small sample of how good this Pacers team can be, I believe that hope springs eternal and that the Pacers will get their first NBA trophy under Frank Vogel. The longer the Pacers stay undefeated, I would be worried if I was in Chicago and South Beach. I would be worried because the heartland of America has a memory that is sharp as a tack. We remember what you did to us in game seven Lebron, and we don’t care what your record is right now because it’s not as good as my Pacers! I don’t care that we have to go in to the house of horror tomorrow night. This team is built for challenges like the Pistons. Larry Bird built a team full of a bunch of tough guys, and they can make sure that the Pistons will have a blown engine tomorrow. Sure, I remember what happened in 2004, but 2004 is over! This is 2013, and it’s the 3-0 Pacers that the Pistons are facing tomorrow. I do have to mention that I am concerned about the number of turnovers from the Pacers, but I also think that is nothing they can’t clean up. While I would like to see the Pacers come out of Detroit 4-0, you never know though. A loss might make them a stronger team. Frank is a good teacher and coach. He has a group of young Pacers who are willing to listen. He also has a group of veterans who are good at leading by example, such as David West, Paul George, and Roy Hibbert.