Even though the Larks started the second half of their season 0-6, the six losses don’t matter, team unity does. The Larks are a tough group of birds. They will peck at you all the way to the ninth inning, no matter how many runs they are down. It is players like Jacob Nesbit and Matthew Warkentin that have the heart of champions and that will never give up until the final out is recorded. It takes 27 outs to win or lose a game, but from what I see, the players and coaching staff are willing to put their “beaks” to the grindstone.

Tonight in Thunder Bay, I expect a flock of determined and angry birds to take care of business north of the border. Nothing is wrong with the way Sean Repay or his assistant coaches get the team ready to play each night. It is up to the young men who wear the Larks uniform to determine the outcome of the game. As evidence, you can look at the first half of the season when the Larks claimed the first half championship of the Northwoods League North Division in only their second season.

Some nights are easier than others depending on your competition, and sometimes the baseball doesn’t go your way. I expect the Larks to return to their first half style of play very soon now to get ready for the playoffs.