It seems like LeBron James is holding the rest of the free agent class of 2018 hostage as he tries to make up his mind on where he wants to play next season. This morning on the Dan Patrick show, the discussion was on where his majesty would suit up next, and some of that talk included the Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron is making it diffucult for other players to decide where they want to play, as some of them might want to join him also. It would be good for the NBA East teams if he would head for the Western Conference while NBA West teams hope he stays on the east side of the Mississippi River. A lot of this is speculation of course, only LeBron knows where he will be going while the rest of the NBA has until July 1st to find out. If you are a Pacer fan, you would like to see him in Hollywood so he isn’t a pest to your team any more than two times a year.