Minot, North Dakota. The North American Hockey League must do a better job of protecting its players. We’ve seen a lot of Bobcats get injured and have broken jaws and separated shoulders. It’s all because the game is not being monitored tightly enough, especially when the Bobcats play Minot. If the game was monitored tightly, maybe the Bobcats could have avoided the injury bug. But for some reason, Mr. Scottie Brand, who is the head of officials in the NAHL, is not training his officials properly. The injury to John Furgele happened after Furgele scored a goal, and last Saturday, Rory Vessel suffered a broken jaw due to Minot’s dirty and cheap play. Minot is a bunch of pee wee players, who ought to just not even show up, because they ruin the game of junior hockey when they decide they want to fight. How dare you tell me it’s because they are an expansion team. That is a bunch of hogwash. The NAHL should have thought twice when they awarded Minot a franchise.