In only their second year, the Bismarck Larks won the first half title, which gave them the opportunity to host a playoff game at their nest. However, once you are in the playoffs you have to do something with your opportunity to host a team. Unfortunately, sometimes the product on the baseball field gets tired from playing 72 games, which I think is what happened to the Larks. The Bismarck Larks have no excuse for the way they performed on the field on Monday night. However, the Larks will try again next year. Anytime you have lost a playoff opportunity it can very demoralizing. I don’t think the Larks have anything to be ashamed of with the way they played. The Huskies had more of a bark to them than a bite. The Larks played against a better team that was better prepared to win in the playoffs.

My favorite moment of the season happened when I first met Lourin, the director of content marketing and media. She never once questioned my disability. She treated me like a member of the family. So did all of the Larks players that I had the chance to interview. The Larks have a bright future ahead of them, and I am very proud to say I will be writing the Voice of Boyce in the years to come. I am proud to be a sports reporter in Bismarck. I love my job – with all the people I meet and friends I make. Thanks once again to John Bollinger and Lourin Sprenger. This summer was a summer when any parent that has a child with cerebral palsy could see someone in the media with the same daily challenges that their child can look up too. Thank you Larks for allowing me to be a role model in my community.