Ryan Taylor hails from St. Louis, Missouri and wears number 22 on his Bobcat jersey. On Wednesday morning, the Sheriff’s Patrol had a chance to spend some time with the young man that his teammates call “Tails”. When asked how he likes Bismarck, Ryan replied that he likes the colder weather as compared to the heat and humidity that occurs during the summer in Missouri.

The 17 year old Taylor played on a club level in St. Louis, as hockey is not a high school sanctioned sport in Missouri. The highest level is AAA in which St. Louis has two teams, but the game is growing in popularity.

Ryan currently sits in third place for points with the Bobcats, with 14 on three goals and 11 assists in 15 games. The coaches have been working on his positioning around the net when he is contesting for loose pucks.

He also feels that conditioning will be very important to him in his fist NAHL season as, the game is much faster than what he experienced in the “Show Me” state.

In his spare time, Ryan hangs out with Bobcat teammates Will Fisher and Carl Fish, and he also enjoys playing video games.

The Sheriff’s Patrol would like to wish this young man the best of luck for the rest of this season and his Bobcat career.