Every year in the NFL, money talks loudly. Earlier this summer the Denver Broncos stole the Vikings quarterback from last year for only 25 million dollars guaranted over two years, Case Keenum, who was one of the biggest reason why the Vikings were in position to win the NFC title in January. He had better be careful on what the Broncos are hoping for out of him. Even though the money wooed him to Denver, it shouldn’t matter, it will be up to Kennum to show the Broncos what he is worth by playing his best, no matter if they are at home or away.

Also, Keenum will have to get used to his new stable of receivers for the Broncos. Sorry America, he is not Peyton Manning, where Peyton could make great plays happen by faking out the defense with audibles and dummy calls. If Keenum wants to imitate the future Hall of Famer, he needs to step up his game even more. I don’t think he can play the brand of football that Peyton was able to play in both Indianapolis and Denver. We will see over time.