Minneapolis, Minnesota – On Tuesday, August 14th, JeremiahBoyce.com was granted unprecedented access to Target Field. The reason why it was unprecedented was for two reasons; the first reason was due to the Minnesota Twins, and the Detroit Tigers teaming up to help get my readers where no website has taken you before! Mitch Hestad and Nick Ross, of the Twins front office, deserve a big thank you for their cooperation to help get the first reporter in a wheelchair into the press box. I was blown away sitting with my colleagues, almost to the point of happy tears.
The second unprecedented reason is because I was allowed to talk to the Tigers flagship station, The Ticket WXYT, before they took to the air to bring the state of Tigers’ nation game 2 between the Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers. Dan Dickerson of the Detroit Tigers’ radio network teams up with with former Tiger great Jim Price to bring the city of Detroit, Tigers’ baseball on the radio. Dickerson replaces legendary Tiger announcer Ernie Harwell, who for a number of years was a familiar voice to the state of Michigan. Dickerson used to do innings 3,4, and 5, but then moved into the lead chair when Ernie was fired. And he now joins the Tiger great, the “Price”-less one, Jim Price. Price and Dickerson are fun to listen to because Dan brings the excitement of the ballpark into fans’ homes, and Price talks about the “art of pitching”, from a catcher’s point of view having played with the ’68 world champion Detroit Tigers.
We were able to talk about all things Detroit Tigers with Dan and Jim. I asked if both of them thought Justin could still capture his magic from a year ago when he went 24-5 and garnered both the Cy Young award and the MVP. Both of them said with a smile to this reporter, yes. Then, we moved on to the Tigers’ position in the Central Division. The White Sox currently hold the number one position with a target on their back. In close pursuit, are the boys with the Old English D’s on their chest. Dickerson and Price both said the Tigers have what its going to take to make their roar heard at the top of the division. When Jim was asked if he watches the scoreboard he said you can’t control what the other competitors do. You can only control what the Tigers do. When Dan was posed the question about what he tries to provide Tiger Nation with on the radio, he stated that he tries to bring the feel of the ballpark into homes. Dan also stated that he loves the game of baseball so much that he gets excited when Tiger batters do exciting things, like this year when Alex Avila provided the Tigers with a walk off winner as he tatooed a ball out of Comerica. Dickerson’s call was very uplifting and emotional for this reporter and made me feel like I was in Comerica. Price makes me feel like I’m on the mound when he talks about how a Tiger pitcher is supposed to approach the game, and therefore when Justin Verlander is pitching it makes me feel like I’m with Justin, or Alex, or any of the Tigers’ team.
Sitting in the press box looking out over the field during the game gave me chills and was very rewarding as I was the only reporter bringing a big league story home to my readership in Bismarck, ND.

Jeremiah and Dan Dickerson talking baseball at Target Field

The view from the press box before the game