On Friday night September 6 in Minneapolis, before the Twins and their nearest combatant did battle in game one of a three game series, we had a chance to interview two-time world champion Minnesota Twins and current radio broadcaster Dan Gladden. Gladden hails from San Jose, California, and attended college in Fresno, where he got his broadcasting degree. Dan played for the Minnesota Twins under the leadership of Tom Kelly, who guided the Twins to two World Series championships. The first one came with Fox Sports North analyst Bert Blyleven. Dan also played for the Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants. Gladden has a lot of respect for Terry Francona, the manager of the Indians. We asked Dan, “Does the current Twins team remind you of the 1991 squad that you played on?” He responded with a resounding “yes.” When asked what makes the Indians games fun to broadcast, he said they are a good competitive team. Dan takes the air in innings 4-7, while Cory Provus gets a chance to rest his vocal chords. My favorite part of the experience was when Gladden showed us the World Series ring on his finger. That is a symbol of what the Minnesota Twins can achieve if they play with team unity through October, which they didn’t have against the Indians Friday night.

I would like to acknowledge the media team of Cori Frankenberg and the head guy for the Minnesota Twins communications Dustin Morris for their unbelievable dedication to work with my media assistant, Rebecca Boyce. It was through them that I was able to bring to the City that I love, Bismarck, unprecedented Twins coverage.