While it is sad that Craig Bohl is leaving the Bison for the Wyoming Cowboys, you can look at it either one of two ways, the end of a dynasty or the challenge of keeping a dynasty going. The Bison will not fold. I don’t see them folding. I just don’t. This is a team that believes in God and you need that whenever you are going through adversity. It all starts with the quarterback, Brock Jensen. Every time the Bison win, he gives credit to God on a statewide radio network, which goes from Fargo-Moorhead through Bismarck, the Bison flagship 970 WDAY. Their faith is unshakeable. Every time they talk to Jeremy Jorgenson, you can hear their faith oozing out of them. They never utter any cussing, which is great for children and media. It all starts from the top, because it’s the legacy that Craig Bohl has left in Fargo. That is just the Bison way. To be a Bison, you have to have the right demeanor. We will miss you, Craig. Congratulations on becoming a Cowboy, you deserve it. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy than you, Craig. You ran a classy program in Fargo. Now the search will begin after the Bison win another championship. I just don’t see the Bison giving up their dream of becoming three-time defending champions just yet. They are doing so great, why would they give up now? The Fargodome will be noisy and Coastal Carolina will not have a chance. Look for Sam Ojuri and Brock Jensen to have a big day. Look for Coastal Carolina to be guilty as charged. The Ojuri will be running wild! Brock will be throwing touchdowns! You can listen to Scott Miller, Jeremy Jorgenson, and Phil Hanson on Saturday. A word to the wise, instead of a 2:30 pm kickoff you will have to wake-up early Saturday morning so you can catch Scott Miller as he brings you all of the action as the Bison run over Coastal Carolina on their way to another trip to Frisco. Like always, Jeremiah will have you covered. This is your home for the exclusive coverage of FCS playoffs and the FCS championship. In the words of Scott Miller, “My, oh my!” Kick-off is at 11:00 am.