Lets face it, the Indianapolis Colts have nothing to play for this year, after losing to the Texans. It’s not Chuck Pagano’s fault, nor is it Andrew Luck’s fault. Sometimes you just have a bad year. This one happened to be a bad year for the Colts. You can say after Andrew led the Colts to a 12 and 5 record last year, where was that team this year? I’m not here to make excuses for them, I’m just here to give you facts. Ryan Grigson has a lot on his plate to deal with. How he handles the Chuck Pagano situation will be watched very carefully by this website. Where is Bill Polian when the Colts really need him? He would do a much better job than Ryan Grigson ever will. I don’t think Ryan Grigson has the capability to guide the Indianapolis Colts to the Superbowl, because he doesn’t have the heart to sit down with Pagano and re-negotiate his contract. That can show you something about how cold hearted Ryan Grigson is with the employees that work for him. One season after going 12-5, fighting off cancer, and having Bruce Arians fill in for him while he was undergoing chemotherapy to get rid of the cancer. That is another reason that baffles me as to why Ryan Grigson wouldn’t have a heart, and show Pagano that he cares about what he had to go through last year. I guess the NFL is all about what have you done for me lately. Ryan and the Irsays should ask the players how much they love playing for Pagano, before they make a move on him. It’s not nice to make a move before asking the gentlemen who play for your city, and wear the horseshoe.