After having an eleven game lead over the three-time division champs, the Minnesota Twins find themselves with the Cleveland Indians nipping at their heals. The Twins are not getting help from the Tigers, so they have to do most of the heavy lifting themselves. This series will go a long way in showing us who has more heart. It also will come down to the art of pitching and which pitching staff wants it more. Who will throw cookies to the other team’s hitters? I give the edge to the Cleveland Indians, because they have a veteran manager, Terry Francona, and because of his pitching staff. But only time will tell if game number 163 is needed. If the Indians and the Twins can’t decide who wants it more, it will be settled on the field.

I am very excited to be able to sit in the Twins press box on Friday night, watching two of the best teams in the entire American League battle it out for Central Division supremacy. The fact that I am going to be in the press box and able to talk to both sides about how they feel about each other is what excites me the most. I am really excited about the fact that people from Minnesota and Ohio will be able to read my game story on my website. I am also looking forward to talking to my sports colleagues in the press box, Cory Provus, Tom Hamilton, Dan Gladden, and Jim Rosenhaus, to name a few. I’m interested to know what they think about the two teams battling it out, and why they find the rivalry fun.