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Joe Mauer Says Goodbye

After announcing his retirement from the Minnesota Twins, it was time to say goodbye to one of Minnesota’s legendary players and time for Joe Mauer to be recognized by the Twins organization. The master of ceremonies was...

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Amazing Twins

Just when I thought I had seen it all, I was almost blown away to the point of crying, but as we all know there is no crying in the media unless you are Jack Morris, the former Twins World Series Hero and analyst for last nights...

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Hapless Twins

A year after making the playoffs as a Wild Card team, the Minnesota Twins can’t even see the playoffs this year with their 60-66 record and being 13 games behind the first place Cleveland Indians in the AL Central...

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North Of the Border

Even though the Larks started the second half of their season 0-6, the six losses don’t matter, team unity does. The Larks are a tough group of birds. They will peck at you all the way to the ninth inning, no matter how...

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