In this article you will learn about the new Bobcats broadcaster, Andrew Weiss. Andrew comes to us from Evanson, IL, where he attended Northwestern University and got his broadcasting degree. He told the Sheriff’s Patrol what we can expect when we turn on Town Square Media broadcasting. You can expect a very excited announcer who likes to broadcast hockey. When asked who his favorite announcer is, he responded with Dave Mishkin. Andrew stated that he grew up listening to Dave, who broadcasts Tampa Bay Lightning games. He said that you can get a good judgement on how the Lightning are doing based on the excitement of Dave. Both Dave and Andrew have a way of delivering what is happening on the rink really fast. Andrew stated that he will try his hardest not to play favorites, but he said that it could be a little hard because he works so closely with the Bobcat boys. Andrew wants the fans who are listening to feel like they are a part of the game.