The thing that was surprising to me after the opening series against the Wilderness was not that the Bobcats competed and were able to come up with two wins. I didn’t expect less from the Layne Sedevie team. Of course I expected the Bobcats to win, but how they handled adversity was neat to listen to. It made me feel like the Bobcats could compete and win every game.

On the ice they have some familiar names. The player that is the backbone of the Bobcats this year is returning goalie Ryan Ullan. I feel an important key to having a good hockey team is how you respond when faced with adversity, especially when you face an expansion team and you give up the first goal. It’s how you respond that shows you have a heart of a champion. It also helps unify the team.

Now the Bobcats get into the meat and potatoes of the season. I thought last weekend was impressive to make the Minnesota Wilderness be quiet. For the Cats to keep fighting after 3 games in 4 days makes it all the more impressive. As for the Blizzard, they have a new name in a new city, but that shouldn’t affect how you play hockey. I expect the same brand of hard nose and in your face hockey from St. Cloud. It will be important for the Bobcats to stay out of the penalty box and come flying out of the gate. It will be important for the VFW to be rocking from beginning to end, because if it is not loud, St. Cloud could bury the Bobcats.