The Bobcats continue to show why they earned the #1 seat over the weekend, taking it to the Bruins in all facets of the game. Because of the Bobcats’ willingness to outwork the Bruins, the Bobcats are one win away from playing for a Robertson Cup. The Bruins tried to get chippy, but you’ll have that with any rivalry. It got the Bruins nowhere but in an 0-2 hole, fighting and taking penalties. They are down to a one game season. Kris Carlson was not much of a story all weekend long. Number 29 Hunter Shepard is a huge reason why the Bobcats have a 2-0 lead, and why Austin is staring golfing straight in the face. Ladies and gentlemen, I expect the Bismarck Bobcats to come out with a lot of energy on Friday night. All we have to do is step on their paws one more time! Bobcats 6, Bruins 2.