The Bison will face Illinois State over the weekend, but if having a number by your name is having a target on your back, the Bison have yet to show a kink in their armor. Thus far, this season has looked like 7 of the last 8 seasons, but you might find out the Missouri Valley is getting sick of cow pies in their face! Anything can happen on any given Saturday in the Valley. You would think that some program would copy what the Bison like to do, and give them a taste of their own medicine. I expect Illinois State to give NDSU a challenge, but I think they will come out horns up.

I think if any team is going to challenge NDSU it will come in the battle for the Dakota Marker, when the rascally rabbits of SDSU come to challenge the boys from Fargo. I expect it to come down to a field goal, which could be important since current NFL Kicker Adam Vinatieri’s cousin is still kicking in Brookings. The battle for the marker could be very interesting for the rest of the Valley football season.

The rest of the conference has to be thinking “You guys again, why can’t we play in the championship?” The rest of the Valley needs to prove they can play a better brand of football, like the Bison.