Indianapolis. The Pacers used to be a once-proud franchise. That is until a 6’7″ guard out of UCLA rode off into the sunset of retirement. What have you done lately for us, Mr Bird? All you’ve done is put a black eye on your home state because the Indiana Pacers used to be one of the most feared in the NBA and now they play basketball like they don’t even care. The last time I checked, basketball was supposed to be “our” game. If I see anything with a “P” on it, it makes me very disappointed because Pacers used to be my team and now they they play like the NBA “D” league. Larry Bird, maybe it’s the president’s attitude. Don’t you care about your home state and bringing those of us Pacer fans a Larry O’Brien Trophy? Or is the team we once knew going to languish at the bottom of the NBA forever. It’s all up to you, Bird. Are you going to lay an egg and make Pacer fans jeer you? Or are you going to be like Reggie and hit a “boom-baby” and get us some players who want to play Pacer basketball? Bring back the day when “Slick” Leonard used to say, “Boom Baby! Boom, Boom, Boom!”